10 Things You Need To Know Before Sailing For The First Time

Your first sail can be overwhelming as you get ready for a memorable adventure. You will be taking in distant sundowns as you navigate from this horizon to the other. It can be somehow intimidating especially when making plans to try the waters while on your first ship holiday. There are so many things that you need to know before sailing for the first time and here are some of them. 

Decide on the boat you wish to use

For any first time sailor, it is important to identify the 3 key charter experiences to pick from. Barefoot chartering isn’t recommended for newcomers because it just offers exposed bones for your trip.

Get the right footwear

Boats can be slippery and this should not surprise you. That is why you should consider getting the right footwear. Footwear that covers the toes is recommended.

Enroll in a sailing course

Consider enrolling in a course where you will be trained on everything about sailing. A course where you have a certified instructor to guide you is recommended.

Know the destination

Regardless of your level of experience, it is important to know where you are headed to and the situation. You should know how the conditions are like and the routes that you will be heading to. It will help avoid the unknown and make your experience enjoyable.

Carry food

Apart from carrying food along, it is crucial that you plan your menu based on the details of your trip. Ensure you know the number of people that you intend to have on the vessel. This will help have enough food for everyone.

Carry a first-aid kit

Whether you are sick or not, a first-aid kit is vital for any sailor. You never know what will happen while you are on the waters.

Understand the sailing terms

Knowing the terms used when sailing is imperative. This will make communication while onboard easy. You will easily understand the crew and so will they. For example, you should know the terms they use to describe a vessel in the danger – read article on learning the lines sailing.

Know the role you play

While you are on board a vessel, it is always good to know the role you play. It doesn’t matter if you are sailing for fun or a student, knowing the part you play and sticking to it makes everything to go smoothly.

Keep your things in a water-resistant pack

Well, you don’t want to end up losing everything after the trip is over. That is why it is always a good idea to store your things in a pack that is waterproofed.

Learn as an extra crew

If you have plans of sailing independently, you need to learn as an extra crew. This means you should not try sailing independently on your initial time on the water.


Ensure you familiarize yourself before you get into the water for the first time. This will make your trip the most memorable one. Also, ensure you have the essentials with you.